The Yardarm Press: Our Father Who?



Phil Yeatman


The life and background of PHIL YEATMAN of Goodwood
A family history by Judy Pearce

Published December 2015
Available from:

Yardarm Press,
14 Telford Ave,
Port Lincoln SA 5606

Price: $25 per book
Postage and Packing: $15
(covers up to 3 copies, sent to any Australian address)




‘Our Father Who?’

The Phil Yeatman family history book ‘Our father who?’ is finally in print (OpenBookHowden) and ready for distribution, with launches in Port Lincoln and Adelaide planned for early 2016.  

The credits say ‘Creator, Judy Pearce’ ,  which covers 8 years of research, edits, emails and conversations amidst ‘life going on as usual’.   Self-published through my own YardarmPress, I acknowledge my husband Ken’s forbearance and some financial encouragement from family members. 

The final product could not have been achieved without the skilled editorial scrutiny of my editor and friend Ruth Buxton, nor the professional IT skills and advice from layout designer Peter Knife, both of whom live close by. I am so grateful for their help and interest.  

The project is my third book involvement, beginning with Kelly’s CookBook 1997, followed by our mother’s story ‘Treasure Girl’ in 2004, and now Dad’s life ‘Our Father Who?’ in 2015 – the year I turned 80 !  (and he would have been 110)  

So many hopeful ‘dead’lines have been set and missed, but AT LAST this announcement.  The contents include an exploration of Phil’s popular personality, his musical contribution to the Adelaide scene over many decades, the lives of his Hogben and Yeatman forebears within suburban and Baptist history, and the first full publication of his grandfather Hogben’s shipboard diary as an emigrant to Adelaide in 1875.

There are many photos, and anecdotal childhood stories from Goodwood.  Travels with blind violinist Harold Raymond around regional SA during the Depression years offer Phil’s amusing observations through letters. It is my hope that this reminiscence will remind an older generation of a familiar more gentle, sedate time in history, and inform younger minds, maybe appreciatively, of the influences some have unwittingly inherited.

It will be available for $25 plus postage, and hopefully some arranged pick-up points in Adelaide as well as Port Lincoln.   I can take phone orders or by email/gmail.   Payment can be arranged through EFT direct debit, cheque or money order.  

With kind regards, Judy Pearce (author)


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